Gábor Matyasi (photo: Száraz Kata)

Gábor Matyasi (photo: Kata Száraz)

The world he takes photos of is not the real world, but a surreal world he created – a world that is absurd and beautiful at the same time. However his dreams give him the greatest freedom, and he never uses digital tricks to show them.
The objects and compositions are strictly hand-made, demonstrating pure reality. The forks are curved, the worm is actually crawling out of the light bulb, and the snail is adorned with real Swarovsky gems…

Gabor lets us into his impressive, sometimes funny, sometimes shocking imaginary world through his photos, videos and movies.

Gabor’s latest dream has just come true. TRUEWHY SALOON is established in a restored circus-trailer. It looks authentic from the outside, but houses a modern print and design gallery, where you can choose pictures and get them printed out right on the spot. You can also place your order online from any part of the world.


2004: XXIXth “Életünk” (Our Life) national photo competition, Nagykanizsa – 1st prize
2004: “Csepp” (Drop) photo competition – exhibited in Műcsarnok
2005: Minolta Photoworld – “Photographer of the month” prize
2006: Flyers magazine’s cover competition – 1st prize
2006: “Látványos Tudomány” (Spectacular Science) competition – exhibited picture in MÜPA (Palace of Arts)
2009: Reflex-Mediawave environmental movie competition – 1st prize
2009: Anton Corbijn video clip competition – award-winning video clip
2009: Cultiris photo competition – 3rd prize
2010: Exhibited picture for “ARC” exhibition: “Apával játszom” (Playing with dad)


2005: Fertőrákos, stone quarry – Wagner festival
2005: Budapest – Simplon coffee bar
2006: Miskolc – Photo Club of Miskolc Youth Center
2006: Kazincbarcika
2007: Sopron – Spago Restaurant
2007: Budapest – SYMA hall
2008: La Rochelle (FR) – galerie La Bletterie
2008: Budapest – Budapest Blue Cafe
2009: Budapest – Catapult coffee bar
2010: Boldogkőváralja – Vár Gallery
2010: Budapest – Cultiris Gallery
2010: Budapest – MÚOSZ headquarters (group)


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